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This was only my second outing with the Cape Hell Drivers.The first time was a completely unplanned affair where i simply followed the crowd after covering a Street2Strip event at Killarney and parked myself on the packed stands to do something i hadn’t done in a while…just watch.
Then on Saturday evening the stock cars returned to the short circuit and although I arrived a bit late I managed to secure a spot in the ring to capture the action.. and boy is there a lot of action!
After getting the ok to shoot i took up position near a gate and waited for the race to finish so i could safely cross to the center of the circuit…then it happened.A clear message that shooting the from inside would be considerably more dangerous than almost anything else the short circuit can offer.You can picture the scene.. cars on an oval track get lots of oversteer (sideways action) and with oversteer you get cars shooting off into odd and unplanned directions..a close one for the race organizer and ringmaster who i just finished talking to via the radios!

Fortunately the evening was reasonably uneventful for me in this regard but i will say that when those V8′s rolled onto the track that rugby field sized patch of grass shrank to the size of postage stamp.
Thrilling,fast paced and if i may,scary action.
Enjoy the slideshow (below) and be sure to check out the Cape Hell Drivers website (i’m sure the results will be up shortly) or join the group if you’re on Facebook.

Cape Hell Drivers group on FB.

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