16th Feb Main Circuit, E Blower 9 and other club info.

Hi All
The 16th February will be our first Regional Main Circuit event of the year, please find required info below.
Also note that membership books will be available from the WPMC office from this coming Monday 28th January.
See below for info on the upcoming Scooter race with Short Circuit Racing on 2nd February. 
Please also see below for info on Monday and Tuesday practice sessions on the main circuit.
Find the latest E-Blower link below:
16th Feb 2013 Main Circuit Racing info links below:

Please note that when possible the circuit will be made available to members for main circuit track time on Mondays and Tuesdays between 4.30pm and 6pm.

These sessions will be at no charge to club members, they will be controlled by a single individual (Paul Lehmann) cycling the different categories (Bikes / Cars) and there will be NO medical support nor marshals on site.

Please understand that this is unofficial open sessions and all present are here at their own risk.  Should the circuit become unsafe during these sessions, expect the sessions to be terminated.

Corporate bookings and public holidays will be the only times we will not run these sessions, below is a list of the confirmed sessions for the next couple of weeks.

Free Practice Times 16h30 – 18h00
Date: Day: Status: Information:
28/01/2013 Mon Confirmed 5-6pm only!
29/01/2013 Tues Confirmed  
04/02/2013 Mon Confirmed  
05/02/2013 Tues Confirmed  
11/02/2013 Mon Confirmed  
12/02/2013 Tues Confirmed  
18/02/2013 Mon Confirmed  
19/02/2013 Tues Confirmed  
25/02/2013 Mon Confirmed  
26/02/2013 Tues Confirmed  
04/03/2013 Mon Confirmed  
05/03/2013 Tues Confirmed  
11/03/2013 Mon Confirmed  
12/03/2013 Tues Confirmed  
18/03/2013 Mon Confirmed  
19/03/2013 Tues Confirmed  
25/03/2013 Mon Confirmed  
26/03/2013 Tues Confirmed  
01/04/2013 * Mon Confirmed * PUBLIC HOLIDAY
02/04/2013 Tues Confirmed  
08/04/2013 Mon No practice Corporate booking
09/04/2013 Tues No practice Corporate booking
15/04/2013 Mon Confirmed  
16/04/2013 Tues Confirmed  
22/04/2013 Mon Confirmed  
23/04/2013 Tues Confirmed  
29/04/2013 Mon Confirmed  
30/04/2013 Tues Confirmed  
06/05/2013 Mon Confirmed  
07/05/2013 Tues Confirmed  
13/05/2013 Mon Confirmed  
14/05/2013 Tues Confirmed  
20/05/2013 Mon Confirmed  
21/05/2013 Tues Confirmed  
27/05/2013 Mon Confirmed  
28/05/2013 Tues Unconfirmed Corporate booking TBC
Most Wanted Scooter demo races, 3 heats. FREE ENTRY to participate
Kosie Weyers drift off
NSF 100 Launch
FREE stands/displays on the day (tbc with Lynton)
Short circuit racing: Supermonos, Superkarts, CBR 150 etc.etc.
Contact : lyntond@twt.to


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