Strakka – Accident in the new pit.

These photos are from Tuesday.I only had an hour or so to get the necessary shots but within 30 minutes,this happened.Both cars were about to head out at the same time for what i hoped would be a a bit of drafting practice…perfect for getting that 2 car shot.Nick Leventis was first out but when the second car was pushed out one of the mechanics found his hand still on the left rear tire when the driver unleashed the fury.The tire grabbed his hand,then his leg and then started bouncing up and down, dragging his entire body into the works…all in the matter of a second.Fortunately the ambulance was parked only three feet away and i'm happy to report that the mechanic was back at work on Thursday again when the session resumed,albeit with a badly swollen foot.Like the man said,racing is a dangerous sport..accidents happen.


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