Strakka Performance at Killarney.

Some of you've probably seen the updates going round regarding some very fast cars at Killarney.Strakka Performance is a testing/training partner to Strakka Racing and they're in Cape Town with two Formula Renault cars and a mountain of tires.Lap times are incredibly quick as you would expect from a car with around 480 bhp and only 610 Kg in weight.Some reports go as low as 1min01 per lap (update/correction: 01:03.4sec) which would make it the fastest thing around Killarney…ever.You can bet that time was set by one of the team coaches,Nick Leventis or maybe Danny Watts (at least i think that's him).The team will be taking a break from the track tomorrow (Wednesday) and will be back on Thursday.Rules around spectating and pit access seem pretty relaxed but be warned, that might not be the case after the incident…but more on that tomorrow…

UPDATE from Killarney admin:Fastest lap was 1:03.4 sec set by a German driver who is a link in an international organization that paid a working visit to Killarney earlier this week.This does not constitute a lap record as it wasn't during a race.The formula’s star graduate is Sweden’s Kimi Raikkonen who went straight from Formula Renault to F1 where he won the world title in 2007. 

Strakka at Killarney 2012





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