May 2013 Drag Report

Killarney Report by Paul Simon regarding May 2013:

The WPMC management team continues to work on the improvements and plans for the run off area at the catch nets as well as working on getting the display boards operational. The infamous electrical pole situation in Turn 1 has now been relocated to the wall on Turn 1, well out the way, this has been on the cards for many years now and it is great to see this project finally completed. More detailed sketches are being put together plus additional stands at the start line are also being looked into. Meetings will continue to take place regarding proposed improvements and maintenance issues around Drag racing and Street2Strip events. 

On Wednesday 1st May the WPMC hosted its fourth MSA Drag event of 2013, this time attracting 33 cars and 14 motorcycles. While there was no Street2Strip this time due to the next day being a working day there was still an enthusiastic and well attended crowd.

Some recent impressive quarter mile times to note include:

On four wheels: Keith van der Poll – 10,777 second Chevy Manta. Gary Wilkins 11,644 second Chevy Camaro. Ikraam Bulbulia 12,126 second VW Golf (NA). Bad Brad (Pro Fit Exhausts) 11,147 second VW Bakkie (NA). 

On two wheels: Ebbie Abrahams 9,238 second BMW 1000RR. Richard Slamet 9,327 second Suzuki Hayabusa. Garion Slamet 8,897 second Suzuki GSXR. Heinrich Slamet 9,143 second GSXR. Rameesh Herbert 9,242 second GSXR. It has been great to see some juniors back: Jamey Hendricks 12,593 second Honda CBR, Derek Hendricks 14,539 second CBR250 and Yaseen Abrahams 15,894 second Honda CBR.

Another round of Street2Strip was hosted at Killarney on the 24th May, this was a Friday evening and despite heavy mist the event still attracted a good number of spectators and almost 150 streetcars participated on the evening. Several drifters also used the opportunity to practice their skills around the oval part of the facility.

Upcoming events include MSA Drag racing and Street2Strip on Saturday 15th June, MSA Drags will run from 9am till 5pm followed by Street2Strip till about 10pm. 

Streetcar track day dates will be finalised soon along with an updated Killarney calendar. 

For more info on Streetracing events at Killarney please email or visit

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