Moto Regionals 4

Rain… it's a racers biggest fear.While inclement weather certainly ratchets up the nerves it plays havoc with the points and the intermittent way it fell on Saturday didn't help the situation either because as any racer will tell you… the most difficult surface to find grip on is the half wet/half dry scenario.
Nevertheless,some riders managed to prove themselves proficient wet weather operators while others still are on a charge which even the Cape weather can't seem to hold back.

In the clash of the titans this one was a straight set up between Ronald Slammet (I-S Freight Services, Kawasaki ZX10) and Aran van Niekerk  (Stunt SA/DMR,Kawasaki ZX10) since Trevor Westman is still waiting on parts for his BMW.Race 1 looked all but in the bag for Slammet who charged ahead of Van Niekerk on a very wet track only to lose the front under braking at T2.It looked like the end of the race for Slammet but he managed to get the bike going and rejoined for what can only be described as a miraculous performance,hacking his way through the entire pack to finish in 2nd,ahead of Gerrit Visser (#43 Honda CBR1000RR) in 3rd place,with Aran Van Niekerk in 1st.The simon brothers,Tyran (#86 Kawasaki ZX10)  and Zane (#83 Kawasaki ZX10)  have slowly been working their way through the ranks and their performances in  the wet serve as a warning for the other riders in class A.Tyran scored his first podium on the day,finishing 3rd overall.Sharl Wasserfall (#118 Berlux Led & ESL Lamps, Kawasaki ZX6R) is also proving to be a handful on the Berlux 600cc.Since his return to the regional series he's been putting in some very quick and consistent times making his competitors in class A (even the liter boys) sit up and take notice.Sharl finished 1st overall over the 600cc bikes of Nicholas van der Walt and Andre Calvert.

The hotly contested class b see-sawed back and forth in the 2 races with podium finishes going to no less than 5 different riders ( no doubt the weather again making it's mark) with Andre Calvert (#99 Kawasaki ZX6R) finishing 1st overall for the day followed by the upstarts,Leroy Malan (#45 Honda CBR1000) in 2nd and Emile van der Merwe (#32 DMR, Suzuki GSXR1000) in 3rd.Class C saw only 2 entries with Andries Coetzee (#27 Yamaha YZF R6) finishing 1st overall and Wayne Arendse (#33 Honda CBR600RR, 600) in 2nd place.

Powersport/Clubmans/Classics Race

The powersport race promised action with Graeme Green (#12 Suzuki SV650)set to challenge Warren Guantario (#55 Suzuki SV650) and Hayden Jonas' (58 Suzuki SV650) strangle hold on the podium.Green is a seasoned racer who worked his way up from the short circuit to the national series but then took a break to concentrate on work.It's 3 years on and he's back with his sights set firmly on the title but things were not to go his way in race 1 when he dropped it in T5 only to get her going again to complete a few laps sans his right footpeg before the race was red flagged due to Hayden Jonas losing the front of his back-up bike,a VFR400 in the treacherous T4.

Greens pit crew (youngest member about 12) managed to fit replacements just in time to restart from pit lane but the ensuing mad scattering of motorcycles caused the marshals to once again red flag the race only a few laps in.
Overall honours (class a) for the day went to Warren Guantario,followed by Andrew Liebenberg (#21 Kawaski ER6) in 2nd and Brandon Storey (#44 FibrePod Suzuki SV650) in 3rd.
Powersport class b went to Alan Kessel (#84 Honda RVF400) who put on a terrific show,fending off J.P.Friederich (#24 Honda RVF400) to take class honours and even challenging Brandon Storey on his class a 650cc with a best time of 1:28.9.


In the clubmans class,newcomer Wessel Kruger (#63 Honda CBR600) kept the rubber facing down,finishing 1st overall followed by Norman McFadden on the Carlberg F800 in 2nd and Mandy Peake (Fast by Fran,Honda Firestorm),who's still finding her confidence after the April incident (i'm sure the rain didn't help),finishing 3rd overall.
The classics class saw only one entry with John Kosterman braving the conditions on his classic slab-side Suzuki GSX-R750.


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