Mazda 767 at Killarney.

It appeared during the break at the 4th regional competition for a demo run….4 laps of the most astounding sound i've ever heard. It certainly left it's mark on the faces of the delighted punters…some folk even looked a little shocked….or was it awe..

The Mazda 767/B is a prototype racing car (probably 4 or 5 in existence) built by MazdaSpeed for the 24 Hours of Le Mans.It proved reliable but ultimately not up to the pace.It was also raced in the All Japan Sports Prototype Championship with slightly better results.

Configuration – Naturally aspirated 4 Rotor Wankel (13J),Mid engined,RWD
Displacement  – 2.6 liter.
Power         – 630bhp/470kw
Torque        – 510Nm
Weight        – 800kg
Power/Weight  – 790bhp/ton

Update – It really isn't complete without the sound.The narration is in Japanese (as it should be) but check out this link on Youtube.


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