Yamaha V-MAX 1260

What's in a name….V-MAX.

Just typing out the letters is enough to give you a jolt.Designed by John Reed,the V-Max' story is one that starts all the way back in 1985…and runs all the way through to 2008.Save for some minor (but very important) modifications in 1993,like thicker fork tubes and 4 pot brakes,this motorcycle remained exactly the same for 23 years which speaks volumes of the design.

The side view of the V4 mill is reminiscent of Harley-Davidson's gorgeous 'knucklehead' motors and considering that Englishman John Reed first penned the bike while resident in California,it's not much of a stretch to think that he may have taken some inspiration from that all American cruiser.

Although it's not yet complete this bike has had the full cosmetic treatment.Full break down and respray – the engine,frame,forks,wheels,shocks….the lot…. then a buff job for those all important shiny bits and of course,bolting it all back together again.The engine has been left stock,which in real world riding (and most other worlds) is the wiser thing to do.

I dare say the brave choice of colour didn't really do it for me at first..but it's definitely growing on me,although i do hope the owner keeps the split colour effect.Light at the front…dark at the rear seems to work well on this moto.

Cape Town still has quite a few Maxes on the road but none of them look anything like this so it's quite a thrill seeing one restored to it's former visual glory…but with a twist of lime.

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