Czank Racing at RevLife 2013.

 RevLife 2013,Killarney – It was an absolutely huge event with the organizers pegging attendance at around the 12000 mark.Some say it's the biggest event hosted at the Killarney circuit  in the last 20 years.There's so much to pick from but for my money it doesn't get any better than this…

I took a little walk around the pit and suddenly found myself talking to Craig Czank of Czank Racing..Admittedly i was a little starstruck so the proper questions (or any questions for that matter) completely eluded me but fortunately mr. Czank had some great bits and pieces for show and tell.


So…Hayabusa?…hardly… Every single component on these national/international spec drag bikes is custom built,even the frames are different.At full boost (around 3bar,..where things start to break) these babies make around 700hp (about 2800bhp/ton!) and run in the 7 second range but of course at our humble little track they're dialed down considerably,mostly because of the limited braking area.In fact,so limited that the throttle is shut off half way down range of the 400m strip.


The engines have solid blocks and run on C16 fuel costing about R300 per liter (around $25).The clutch is an on/off affair.Try an slip this bike off the line and it'll lock up and flip you (and itself) over backwards faster than you can blink,no mean feat with such a long swing-arm.


These bikes don't run with wheelie bars because of class restrictions but when they are mounted the front wheel lifts on take off and stays there till it crosses the line at which point touching down becomes really important because that's where the brakes are..

Acceleration?..well i had some numbers run past me…0-100km/h comes up in 0.9 of a second and 160km/h flashes by in 1,6 seconds.In other words…more powerful than gravity.

Big thanks to mr. Czank and his team for taking the time and effort (not to mention the costs incurred) to bring these fantastic machines to the Cape Town drag racing fans.Truly spectacular stuff.

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