Toy Run 2013

Hot…it's the one word i'd use to describe the 2013 Toy Run.Oh it wasn't that bad from my vantage points out on the highway but if you were in the slow moving processions it certainly took it's toll (no pun intended) on rider and bike,alike…those poor air-heads;)

But the day isn't about motorcycling,it's all  about the kids and extending a caring hand during the silly season and by noon the trucks at the Maynardville venue were already brimming with toys as the heat sweltered and the entertainment kicked off.National attendance for the 2013 Toy Run is pegged at around the 75000 mark which really is a fantastic thought.So many coming together for a good cause on a single day…

Much respect to the Italian Motorcycle Owners Club (IMOC) under who's banner the Toy Run is organized and in particular Glynis Coetzee who is so instrumental in keeping the loose ends tied.



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