New Faces-Regional Motorcycle Practice

Time to meet some of the latest additions to the Western Province championships.

Saturday was the first practice session and although fairly sparsely attended,I managed to pop some shots of the new breed…

First up…Arrie Swanepoel.

The pic is from All Bike Race Day where he scooped up the coveted ABRD rookie champ prize with a double win in the two Breakfast Run heats.With lap times averaging around the 1:18 mark,Arrie will most likely be racing in Class B on his BMW S1000RR although he's already perilously close to the 1:15 breakout time for class A.

David Enticott…another rider come up through the track schools also put in a good show at All Bike Race Day and has now thrown his hat in the ring.David will be racing his Triumph Daytona 675 and is lapping at around 1:20 putting him in class C.

Our final meet & greet is with Keegan Smith,who as far as i can tell is relatively new to Killarney but already he and his team (for team,read family) have received a warm welcome (and a few tips,of course) from some of the club members.Keegan will be competing (most likely in class D) on the same Honda CBR600 which took Nicholas v/d Walt to victory in last years supersport championship…big shoes to fill indeed.Welcome to the circus fellas!

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