Names to Faces – MSA Drag Racing (22 Feb.2014)

Time for a change of pace!Meet the people behind the helmets in the Motorsport South Africa drag racing scene!

All in all a perfect day for sprint racing with the spectators making up for their numbers in sheer enthusiasm.There was of course the unfortunate moment where Herman dropped his entire sump on the strip and failed to pull off the track.This of course,shall we say irked a lot of the drivers and riders but I'm sure it was just a novice mistake and we can rely on him to take care in the future.Some speedy work from the Killarney marshals ensured that the racing continued in short time.Thanks to the upgraded track features and the accompanying regulations we were also treated to some fantastic heads up racing with cars running no faster than 9,5sec now able to share the strip and it's widened run off area.

Be sure to hook up with our Facebook where an album with the on-track shots from the day is developing.There is also an album of shots for sale at the bottom of this page.

Bike Results

Drag Car Results (S)

Drag Car Results (W)

Below is an album of all the track pics shot at MSA Drags(22 Feb.2014).If you would like to order pics please send an email to with the relevant DSC numbers (just hover over the thumbnail pic, a pop-up will appear).

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