E Blower Vol. 16 – Notice of WPMC AGM 28th May

The following from the Killarney International Raceway press office…


Hi All, 

The info below includes:
# Notice of the WPMC AGM to be held on 28th May.
# Link to the E-Blower Vol 16 or find the edited copy below (without pictures).
WPMC team


The Annual General Meeting of the Western Province Motor Club will take place on Wednesday 28th May 2014 at 8pm in the WPMC Clubhouse. 
Business to be conducted includes; 

Welcome & apologies
Confirmation of the minutes of the previous AGM and matter arising therefrom
# Review of 2013 year including an update on key areas and other challenges that arose during the year
# Update on year to date 2014
# Review of the financial results for 2013 and approval thereof
General, including question time



Please see the link below to the official notice:



The E-Blower. Vol 16 .

The (un)official voice of the WPMC.

Managing editor: IM Nobody. Chief Sub (editor, not marine), Robin P Emslie. Art director: J Colin Brown. Motorcycle Hells Angel Rep: D Abrahams. Clubhouse editor: Yvette Wolverson. Chief Investigative Reporter: PK Nelson.


Hopefully, what might happen to the stock car track at Kraaifontein (see the first item in Blips ‘n Pieces), will be noted by those club members who think our committee has been exaggerating the problem and imposing too many restrictions at Killarney. Earlier reports have been about changes in other parts of the world (like the closure of Mallory Park in the UK), and may have created the impression that it couldn’t happen here. Well this one is no more than 15kms from us as the microlite flies.

We will however be hosting the national championship all-bike meeting promoted by Gas Sport, on Saturday and Sunday, May 17 & 18, for which we have received a noise exemption and special permission to stage the meeting on the Sunday. Read what Dave Abrahams has to say about it. He also has all the latest from Dave McFadden.

Then all these arguments going on around the world about whether fracking is justified, don’t apply to us. There’s no shortage of oil at Killarney – the only trouble is that it’s in the wrong place. We’d welcome your opinion about this one.

And congratulations to Yvette, our clubhouse and Trackside Food and Grill major-domo, who has come up with a host of innovative ideas for the facility. Oh, and the food’s good too.

Meet the Workers (No 12).

We are pleased to announce that Marizka Radyn joined us in March as an accounts assistant. However, she has experience in retail, in manufacturing and point of sale as well.

Originally from Upington, in the temperate Northern Cape, she became part of a family emigration to the Cape in 1997. A workaholic with a strong sense of values, she’s also a people person and extremely easy to get along with.

Although her hobbies include arts and crafts, she also loves any extreme sport – although strictly as an observer, rather than a participant. However her addiction to motorcycle enduro racing from 2004 received generous family assistance, as first her husband Jacques, then their son Jeandre, who went on to capture the Western Cape Jnr 85cc Off Road title (he’s now 15 and has moved up to 125cc), and finally their daughter Cailey (she’s 12), became involved.

But hang on, there’s more. She recently proved her versatility by doing a fine job when called on for hostess duty in the VIP Lounge during the recent national Super Series meeting. And that’s a skill that had been kept hidden and wasn’t listed on the CV application she submitted to the club.

Wingfield Motors sponsors the Power Series.
With regional racing at Killarney for some inexplicable reason never having had an overall sponsor, Wingfield Motors support of the 2014 Power Series breaks new ground and is yet another example of that company’s innovative forward thinking.

Wingfield Motors revolves around its dynamic young CEO John van Niekerk, whose first business venture was the takeover of a small petrol station in a less salubrious area of Bellville South, near the airport. With a passion for cars and the business environment he soon realized that the low key used car operation he set up on the fringe of the station’s forecourt, was more far viable than his fuel sales.

And paraphrasing the lyrics of that great Tony Bennett and Ella Fitzgerald hit song, it was a sure sign that, “….this could be the start of something big.”

Because Wingfield Motors — as it became known when John relocated to spacious open air premises on Vanguard Drive in Goodwood, that is no more than a conrod’s throw from the historical old Wingfield airport — has grown impressively during its short existence.

Today there is a large second branch in Kuils River, as well as the Wingfield Private Auto Finance division that caters for anyone who may need to have a vehicle privately financed.

John is determined to adhere to what he feels is the company’s primary objective, which is to create a well respected and sought after name. And he points to Wingfield Motors receiving the coveted MFC (a division of Nedbank), award for the Best Overall Pre-owned Dealership in the Western Cape in 2013, as proof of the policy’s success.

That aside, the Van Niekerks, John and his father Johnny, are also long time motorsport enthusiasts. Van Niekerk Senior was a leading stock car personality back in the old Goodwood Showground days and now has two grandchildren actively involved, while a third is about to make her debut. In addition, the Wingfield Motors banner is a feature on Engen Corner (Turn 2). The name also appears on the circuit’s largest advertising hoarding, on the outside of our perimeter wall.

The club is looking forward to a long and mutually cooperative association with them.

There’s room for improvement!

We got to wondering why as many as 25 cars (more than the total entry in several of the other categories), had retired from the Midas Clubman events during the national Super Series meeting. Fortunately it was a huge entry and there were still plenty of finishers.

Then, much the same thing happened during most recent Power Series shootout when a last minute decision to run the final Mutlu Battery Classic Car and the Charl Auto Electrical Eng. Fine Car events together, was prompted largely by the decimation of entries in the earlier heats. Even taking the blistering heat into consideration, there was still an abnormally large number of DNF’s.

Now we acknowledge there were different reasons for guys pulling out. Two of them during the Power Tour meeting included the amount of oil that was left on the track. And that’s obviously a double whammy. Cars don’t run without oil, while when the lubricant lands on the track it creates a total lack of adhesion for those that are still running.

There was so much cement needed to help neutralize it that the club deserves a double sponsorship – from the Rose Foundation (the company that collects old oil for re-refining), and from PPC (cement), for all the product we purchase from them.

While they’re very different sports, we nevertheless got to comparing our situation with rugby, a discipline that is being seriously threatened by the number of players getting sidelined with injuries. Now one of the reasons given for the rugby problem is that the guys have to play so much harder these days that despite high levels of fitness, their bodies just can’t take all the punishment.

So is motorsport in a similar position? Do competitors have to push their cars and bikes too hard – or is it simply a coincidence?

The heat definitely took its toll during the most recent meeting. But then while some joker mentioned poor preparation as another possible reason in some cases, we aren’t prepared to buy that one.

Moving on, the problem with breakdowns generally and oil spillage in particular, is that they take time to clean up. Cement has to be brushed into the oil by the hard working marshals, two of whom actually required treatment for heat exhaustion on Saturday.

Unlike rugby, where everyone can see when a player is injured and understands why the game is being delayed, motor racing stoppages last much longer. Spectators at different parts of the circuit are often unaware of what has happened and they soon become bored.

And that is something we need to avoid at all costs.

The latest from the Trackside Pub and Grill

Come and take in the racing from the balcony:
Our balcony boasts a sprayer system to cool you off on hot days, so get your friends and family together and come and enjoy the friendly, professional atmosphere, where the kids can play on the lawn or kiddies jungle gym, with child minders in attendance, while you sip on a cold one and watch the racing on the track and on the TV for out of sight areas of the track. The lap timing TV also provides interesting viewing.

At lunch time enjoy a delicious meal in the upstairs hall for on R65.00!
Dishes that were on offer during the most recent Power Tour meeting were: Creamy Chicken-a-la-King with Mushrooms and Peas, served on Rice or Mince Lasagne as well as Curried Beef Rump with Vegetables served with Rice.

Other news:
Just Launched! Join us on Wacky Wednesdays for our Burger Beer Special. Buy a Grilled Chicken Prego Burger and Chips or a delicious Rib Burger and Chips and receive a 300ml Castle Draught FREE, for only R58.00

Start your weekend early with our Thirsty Thursdays, where Happy Hour lasts all night! Starts from 5pm.

Our chefs special on Fridays is Deep Fried Eisbein and Sauerkraut, served with a choice of either mash or chips. Small R85.00, Medium R95.00 and Large R110.00.

New on our menu are Milkshakes in Vanilla, Strawberry or Chocolate flavours. Small R12.90 and Large R21.90

If you enjoy your Windhoek beer, remember to ask for your slip, and enter the draw where you could win a Windhoek Hamper, consisting of an ice bucket, wallet, key ring and business card/credit card holder and peak caps Simply add your name and telephone number to the back, and we’ll pop that into the bucket for the draw.

Then for all you rockers out there, we’re having a giant Charity Music Festival on Saturday (April26). With six live bands on board from 1pm to 9pm, it’s going to feature everything from Classic Rock to Hard Rock. The restaurant, downstairs tuckshop and pubs (naturally), will be open and there are going to be outside vendors as well.

Tickets are already available on webtickets.co.za. Details are on the poster above.

There’ve been some changes made.

The new MyCiti bus route to DuNoon really made life difficult for us while it was under construction. And now that it has been completed, we are left with mixed feelings about the changes.

Externally it is definitely far neater than it was. However as I have remarked in a previous E-Blower, as far as our main feeder road (Potsdam Road), is concerned we’re lucky the council guys who changed it (in two places), from double lane to single and then back again for no apparent reason, don’t have anything to do with our circuit layout.

That aside, the original diagonal main gate is still there but is only open on race days. Entry and exit at other times is through the new gate (and security check), at Silverstone Road. Ironically, this is where the very first entrance gate was set up when Killarney was originally fenced off, way back in the early 1950’s.

Unfortunately the traffic situation in the area is not the best. We were here first, long before DuNoon. Then Killarney Gardens arrived followed by the MiCity bus route, with many years between each new development. The result is that the area was not built to one master plan. There are intersections that don’t match up while the traffic lights are initially totally confusing. However you never get bored while you’re waiting for the red to change, because it’s always interesting to see how the taxi drivers manoeuvre in order to ignore them.

And what’s new on Two Wheels.

First a report-back from our very own David ‘McFlash’ McFadden after the first Superstock 1000 race of the season at Motorland Aragon in Spain on 13 April.

The team battled to set up the big Kawasaki in Friday’s free practice sessions, developing an invaluable baseline set-up, but without getting up to anything like race pace.

Saturday started with Free Practice 3 at 9am, on a track that still had wet patches from some unexpected overnight rain, but both McFlash and the ZX-10R were getting dialled in and they wound up sixth on the timesheets.

David was hoping for a top-six spot in qualifying as well, to ensure a second-row start – but everybody else had the same idea, and upped their pace. David wound up trying too hard, over-rode the bike and qualified 14th.

But the mood lifted on Sunday; the set-up changes they’d made after qualifying were working, the bike felt good and David was eighth fastest in Warm-Up.

He pulled a good start from 14th on the grid and within a few laps had sliced through the pack to seventh, although he lost one place near the end to finish eighth, collecting some valuable points and invaluable experience towards setting the bike up for the next round of the series at Assen in the Netherlands on 27 April.

Back on home turf, South Africa’s new all-bike race series, SuperGP, got off to a slightly wobbly start at Phakisa; the two headline classes were well supported but entries for the other four categories were so thin they were all lumped in to a pair of Super M ‘all-comers’ races – and in the end all three divisions delivered superb racing and reasonably close finishes.

The new series will visit Killarney for the first time over the weekend of 18 May, with qualifying on Saturday and two races for each class, World Superbike style, on Sunday – thanks to a dispensation from the local Noise Police, who have relaxed the ban on Sunday racing ‘just this once’.

The man to watch will be Kawasaki-mounted 2013 SA Superbike champion Clinton Seller, on a BMW, who’ll face challenges from Nicholas Grobler (BMW S1000 RR), Brent Harran (Kawasaki ZX-10R), international star Lance Isaacs (BMW S1000 RR) and locals Ronald Slamet and Gerrit Visser, each also on a ZX-10R.

Super600 honours are likely to be settled between the Kawasaki ZX-6R’s of Stephen Odendaal, Mathew Scholtz, Anthony Shelly and Nicholas Kershaw, Darryn on a Suzuki GSX-R600 and the Yamaha R6s of reigning Supersport champion Cameron Petersen and Dean Vos.

As the series gathers momentum it has the potential to deliver the country’s most exciting motorsport. South Africa’s top riders have proved that they are the equal of anybody in the world and this format lines them all up at the same time, for a series of dramatic showdowns.

Blips ‘n Pieces.

Is the Tygerberg Raceway doomed? Seems it could be if a proposal to not renew its lease that was submitted by the DA and supported by the ANC at a Bergdal sub-council meeting, is carried. The property belongs to the City of Cape Town and is situated in an area where development is ongoing. Tabling the motion, the DA’s Roxanne Hoorn claimed the noise from the stock cars was felt on weekdays and weekends, until late in the evening.

Ironically, that ANC firebrand Tony Ehrenreich, who was also in favour of the cancellation of the lease, comes from highly respected motorsport stock. His father (and mother we think), were enthusiastic, hard working marshals at Killarney for many years.

The drink selections of some of the visitors (mainly Gautengers), during the recent national Super Series meeting, was very different to the imbibing habits of the regulars in the exclusive VIP Lounge. Gin and tonic for instance, was a favourite from relatively early in the day, with wine not far behind. There were also some oddball requests. Like one prominent organizer from north of the Hex River who was seen enjoying tall glasses of Old Brown and ginger ale.

Remember the Drotschie racing bakkie, the proposed forerunner of a new one make series being built in Cape Town that was featured in vol. 14 of the E-Blower last year? Well the prototype has been subjected to various minor changes during strenuous test sessions since then. So while it is still work in progress the project is going well, with an official launch scheduled for later in the year.

Surely not! Rumour has it that the A1 World Cup of Motorsport may be revived as a national series in South Africa. Apparently all the cars (built by Lola with 520bhp Zytek power), are housed in an aircraft hanger somewhere in England, waiting for a buyer. This after the holding companies folded with debts said to have been in excess of $400 million. Our country was strongly represented at one stage, when Tokyo Sekwale was the franchise operator, while two of the drivers, Stephen Simpson and Adrian Zaugg were from Cape Town.

Then there’s the one armed bandit – and here we’re referring to the courageous Steve Hallett who used to race bikes with one hand, after a crash onto the rocks down Kommetjie way resulted in the loss of the use of his right arm. He continued to compete on his Kawa until a big “off” on the track made him realize he’d be safer in a car. He then acquired a Golf in which he changed gear with his “good” hand, while his legs were jammed against the steering. That one ended in another spectacular incident (see pic on right) some 13 / 14 years ago and we didn’t see him again until he entered his Ford Sapphire in the Fine Car class earlier this month. Sadly it didn’t go too well and the immobile Sapphire is still in the pits here as this E-Blower is being finalized.

No politics please. However, as we always try to make our Killarney posters as attractive as possible we couldn’t help noticing the poor quality of the political offerings on our city’s lamp poles. In fact the only one that is at all eye catching is the yellow and black invitation for your cross, by the IFP. Now don’t get this wrong. Our opinion is about the poster – not the party.

How’s this for wacky promotional rivalry. There are 2 (yes two), national motocross meetings taking place in the Cape during this Easter weekend. The first is an MSA approved shootout at Zone 7 on Friday, while the other is being held under the WOMZA banner at Melkbosch on Saturday and Sunday. The tracks are only a few kms apart and they’re going to be hosting the same riders

Clive Wyngaard is organizing another of his hugely successful veteran bikers lunches at the clubhouse on May 2. It’s so popular that Radio Roger (McCleery) is flying in specially for the occasion. Other golden oldies who will be attending include Ray Flack, ‘Zander Grier, Fred Wilmot and even 91 year old Vic Sawyer. Considering their ages, there will probably be more wheelchairs than motorcycles parked outside.

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