Power Series Motorcycles – Round 2

Certainly an incredibly tough day on the bikes and riders alike with the ambient temperature around the 36 degree mark and the track temp.topping out at a blistering 49 degrees.Quite a few off's on the day and indeed the situation regarding oil spillage on the track seems to be garnering more attention as the time passes and the riders drop.Fortunately all those who met with incidents on the day are none the worse for wear save for some spotty memories of the event.

Check out the reigning champs report below and Dave Abrahams blow by blow at the link.There is also a gallery of photo's for sale at the bottom of this page and more pics from this event at our Facebook page.

Start of the first superbike heat.Two laps after there was a melee at T2 as Gerrit Visser,Malcolm Rapson and Brent Walters went down forcing a restart.


Powersport,Clubman,Classics – Start of the 2nd heat.

The unfortunate meeting of minds between Brandon Storey and Jonny Towers at the end of the second Powersport heat.Brandon's rear slipped out,tossed him over the high side,Jonny was too close to avoid but got up after to finish the race.Brandon was deffo knocked out for a bit there.



Regional series round 2 race report by Ronald Slamet : 

Greetings to all

Round two of the Mike Hopkins Superbike championship left competitors competing in very hot temperatures but this did not stop the guys going flat out and even some riders achieving their best lap times ever.


As far as I know this must have been one of the fastest qualifiers for class A,B,C as seven of the class A riders were all either in or under the 1min12sec bracket. This shows how everyone is stepping up their game and getting comfortable with their bikes. The front row was as follow
1. Ronald Slamet
2. Malcolm Rapson
3. Aran van Niekerk
4. Gerrit Visser 

I knew everyone was going to be on pace and the charge will be on from lap 1, so the game plan was simple in my mind. Get a good start and get away. Unfortunately the start of the race saw Gerrit Visser losing the front in a sloppy and slippery turn2 causing second place qualifier Malcolm Rapson to go down with him. The race was red flagged after another rider's bike slid into Malcolm, taking his legs out underneath him after trying to re-join the race. Race one was then re-started with me grabbing the whole shot. I tried to set a fast pace as soon as possible to brake the field and on lap four I saw my team displaying my pit board of +5sec. I knew the guys were going to attack if I give them the opportunity to, so all I did was try to be consistent and lap at a comfortable but fast pace. The race ended with me crossing the line in 1st place, Aran van Nieckerk in second followed by a charging Trevor Westman in third.

With class A,B,C having to go out on track for race two a little later than usual saw all the guys ready to race and in battle mode. With a DNF in race one Lance Isaacs was back to prove a point starting from the second row on his BWM S1000RR. The lights went out and everyone on the front row had a good start with me leading the pack into turn one. For the first two laps I could hear a bike behind me and I knew it was going to be difficult to shake the rest of the field as all of us were on qualifying and race one tyres. Unfortunately the bike behind me was Lance Isaacs who ended up losing the front on the start of lap three midway through turn two. After putting my head down and getting into a comfortable rhythm I managed to brake the field again finishing the race 5sec ahead of Aran van Nieckerk in 2nd and Trevor Westman in 3rd.

The team and I are now focused and preparing for Round 2 of the SuperGP nationals held at RedStar Raceway on the 26th and 27th of April. We know this will be another big learning curve as I have never been to Redstar, but we are going with open minds and to do our best.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my sponsors:

Novel Ford, Mike Hopkins Motorcycles, KawasakiSA, FG Enterprises, RST, Portable Shade, I-S Freight Services, RaceBase Motorcycles, Arnie's Panel shop.

Thank you all so much
Kind Regards
Ronald Slamet


Red Hot Racing at Scorching Killarney – Dave Abrahams


Results of Mike Hopkins Superbikes – 600 Overall Result

Pos No. Name Laps Total Tm R1 R2
1 58 Hayden Jonas 15 19:08.294 7 [8:52.906] 8 [10:15.388]
2 26 Brandon Haupt 15 19:25.190 7 [9:02.682] 8 [10:22.508]
3 99 Andre Calvert 15 19:27.490 7 [9:06.170] 8 [10:21.320]
4 54 Alex van den Berg 15 19:45.634 7 [9:16.211] 8 [10:29.423]
5 65 Karl Schultz 15 20:14.146 7 [9:27.892] 8 [10:46.254]
6 33 Wayne Arendse 14 19:33.354 7 [9:43.755] 7 [9:49.599]
7 78 David Enticott 8 11:21.906 1 [1:32.703] 7 [9:49.203]

Below is an album of all the track pics shot at Moto Regionals 2 (12 April 2014).If you would like to order pics please send an email to photo@capefuel.co.za with the relevant DSC numbers (just hover over the thumbnail pic, a pop-up will appear).


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