Power Series Motorcycles – Round 3

A tension filled day at round 3 of the Power Series motorcycles with all eyes cast skyward in dreaded anticipation of the promised rain which,somewhat ironically never came into play except for a few riders needlessly shredding their wet weather tires on the almost completely dry track.

The addition of a few riders from up north,including the ex national champ,Greg Gildenhuys,our very own Quintin Ebden and Heinrich Rheeder (all essentially here to practice for the upcoming 3rd round of the national Super GP) also ensured a shuffle of the deck and indeed it was exciting watching the Western Province champion hold off against the devastating blows dished out by Gildenhuys for so long.Par for the course for Gildenhuys but for the Baron it showed how far he's come in a very short time.

Unfortunately Aran van Niekerk crashed pretty badly in heat 2 and at the moment it's very much up in the air as to whether or not he'll be able to continue on with his season.


(Click below for overall results)


Results of Mike Hopkins Superbikes – 600 Overall Result

Pos No. Name Laps Total Tm R1 R2
1 58 Hayden Jonas 16 20:38.420 8 [10:20.539] 8 [10:17.881]
2 99 Andre Calvert 16 20:47.623 8 [10:23.414] 8 [10:24.209]
3 54 Alex van den Berg 16 21:22.097 8 [10:44.893] 8 [10:37.204]
4 55 Mike van Rensburg 16 21:51.199 8 [10:55.778] 8 [10:55.421]
5 78 David Enticott 16 22:11.206 8 [11:03.555] 8 [11:07.651]
6 33 Wayne Arendse 15 21:25.255 7 [10:10.738] 8 [11:14.517]
7 26 Brandon Haupt 10 13:20.313 8 [10:13.086] 2 [3:07.227]


Check out Dave Abrahams break down at the link,also his warmup for this weekends 3rd round of the Monster Energy Super GP to be held at Killarney and check out our Facebook page for more pics from this event.

Gildenhuys dominates Cape Superbikes.

SuperGP excitement comes to Killarney.


Trevor Westman gets a killer holeshot and holds the advantage for a lap…


….but then drops back with a very unlucky tire deflation.

Malcolm Rapson took home 3rd overall with Trevor Westman and Hilton Redelinghuys hot on his heels.



Brandon Storey (followed closely by Fran Engelbreght) is improving by leaps and bounds but he's got his work cut out with Warren Guantario who was already 10 seconds ahead after this,the first lap.


Three trouble free races for Vossie Vosloo then this….anybody have a spare gearbox?


Danie 'I'd rather be racing' Maritz  and Lance Jonas.

Hayden Jonas is untouchable in the supersport class but he'll soon have to reckon with rookie of the year, Andre Calvert.


Chris Williams taking home Powersport class B.




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