Womens Day at Killarney International Raceway.

Best Woman's Day event at Killarney International Raceway that i can recall…although admittedly after speaking to a few people,recollection of attendance at the 2012/11 events seem fuzzy at best but no matter,let's deal with the present.

Just about every discipline was represented at this years event.Cars,bikes,drifting,karts,there was even stuff happening at the skidpan although i'm afraid i didn't make it that corner of the track what with events going off every fifteen minutes the place was a constant buzz and it was a mad dash to get into position…after having a bit of social of course.The big draw card for the day was without a doubt the Team Red drifters (look out for the post on them,way too many pics of them for here) putting their skills on display and the intrepid ladies who dared strapping themselves into a 600 horsepower drift car with a driver who's intent on destruction of all corners in his path and eventually, his car….a wild ride for sure.


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Below is an album of all the motorcycle track pics shot at Women's Day at Killarney (16 Aug 2014).If you would like to order pics please send an email to djedryan@gmail.com with the relevant DSC numbers (just hover over the thumbnail pic, a pop-up will appear).



Doing time for a good cause,representives from the W.P.M.C. motorcycles…

..the VW GTI Challenge club…

…the Team Red drifters….

…and the Christian Motorcycle Association who's cause is beautifully illustrated here by Jacques from the regional motos.


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