The Final Showdown – Powersport,Club,Classic.

No doubt about it…the final of the Powersport cup has to be one of the top 3 bust ups i've seen this year.To understand what was going on…there's Powersport A and Powersport B.Warren Guantario already had the class A championship in the bag on points but would also have liked to heft the regional powersport (overall) cup above his head seeing as how he lost that to Alan Kessel's 400cc Powersport B VFR in 2013 (more on Alan's VFR later)….but Chris Williams' consistent performance in Powersport B put him in the winning seat as long as he didn't do something out of character .Jonny Towers was also there keeping Guantario honest…painfully honest as the shot below,the start of race 2,illustrates quite well.

Heat 1 saw Guantario take the lead and break Jonny's tow completely but the 2nd heat proved an altogether different game with the two riders slamming doors on each other at every turn to the excited shrieks of the grandstand but when the flag waved it was Towers who was ahead by just a fraction of a second.Just moments behind them a similar game was on the go albeit with a third player involved.Chris Williams,Mike van Rensburg and Paul Medell were all over each other like white on rice for both heats.Medells Sv650 seemed to have a slight torque advantage over the ER650's but when it came to the corners there was no answer for Van Rensburg and Williams.

JP Friedrich and Tim Clark also played a great game with JP's SV650 giving the much older GSX-R750 a run for it's money in the handling department.

Congratulations to Tim and the Reservoir Dogs Racing team on clinching the 2014 Classic Superbike Championship and,as it turned out later in the day,for winning the slow race at the Woodstock Man Cave's garage built show.

Now to get back to last years class B championship bike which used to belong to Alan Kessel but is now piloted by the 2014 CBR150 short circuit champ,Kewyn Snyman.

As luck would have it,the young graduate will have a story to tell about his first race on the full circuit when,after he  took up his position on the grid for the first time there was a short delay so he switched off the VFR's ignition…and then it refused to start.No matter though.A little push after the race got underway and it was hell for leather after that.Watch out for this young talent in 2015.

Chris Williams – The 2014 W.P. Powersport champion.


Powersport A/B Championship Points 2014

Classic Superbike Championship Points 2014

Clubmans Championship Points 2014

Next moto event is this weekend…don't miss the annual 8 Hour Endurance race sponsored by Asap World followed by All Bike Race Day on Tuesday the 16th of December.

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