Passion for Speed Festival 2015

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An absolute treat for the Cape Town motorheads,the annual international historic race meet,aptly named Passion for Speed Festival has come and gone,leaving us with ringing ears and star struck eyes.The event was held over two days although few managed to tear themselves away for the Friday practice session.Saturday however was a totally different story with crowds packing the main stands in the sweltering heat to watch yesterdays greats duke it out in Back-To-Futuresque fashion.

Some of the more memorable moments of the day include watching Franco Scribante during the Extreme Cars race in a Mustang that's rumoured to cost around 2 million to build.Peacocking for the crowd around Damps on the final lap he got it slightly wrong (in this car,slightly is all it takes) sending him into the dirt,not that it mattered with a 10sec plus lead.

And this wasn't the only multi million near miss of the day with Paul Beachy Head putting his Porsche 917 replica in a rather violent spin as he exited turn 1,almost collecting the inside wall.Interesting to note that this car is fitted with a 3.5l v6 engine from a Caldwell F1 powerboat project….i guess flat 12 Porsche engines are difficult to source/replace.

More was on offer for the F1 & F2 historians with the Franschoek Motor Museum bringing five of their machines for demo laps including Jody Scheckter’s 1974 British Grand Prix winning 007-1 Tyrrell/Cosworth,a Team Gunston Chevron B25,an ex Sam Tingle Repco LDS and a stunning Formula Atlantic March 78B driven by Lorenzo Farella.I asked Lorenzo what the March was like to drive….exit turn5….1st and 2nd down the front straight then you're at turn 1 again,was his reply…and don't break it,an engine rebuild is a cool million.

The 2 wheel set were also well catered for with the Historic Motorcycle Group,started on Facebook no less,parading an exotic selection of bikes and riders,among them Finnish Suzuki star of the 1970s Tepi Lansivuori (69) on a brain scrambling Suzuki TR750,multiple world champ,Jim Redman on a Ducati TT2 and multiple Isle of Mann Tourist Trophy winner,Mick Grant.

It wasn't all show though with the 2nd leg of the S.A. Tourist Trophy revival series becoming a 'friendly' two way battle between the famous,mostly Scottish riders and the infamous local brood.Multiple BSB and T.T. champ Ian Simpson (Suzuki XR-69) proved too much too handle on the day with an overall points win although the home side ws well represented with Graeme van Breda,Danie Maritz,David Bolding and John Kosterman crowding out the available positions.For the full monty check out Dave Abraham's article at IOL and this piece over at

SA-TT 2015 Overall Results

We have much more photo's to get through so please do join us at our Facebook page where an album will develop over the next few days.

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