Motorcycles & Bits Track School with David McFadden

A great afternoon at the track with Fran Engelbrecht's Motorcycles & Bits Track School with David McFadden taking the class through the basic,advanced curriculum.Some students weren't aware of their teachers status or qualification so for anybody that missed it….. David is a multiple Western Province superbike champion in the liter class and right now is rotating back & forth between teaching you and building track experience at the British and World Superbike Championships.

Perfect conditions yesterday and i'm very happy to say that though the group looked pretty shonky as they rattled round the corners at the start of the day, the closing minutes saw a marked improvement in everyone's riding,the result of individual attention and direction paid by David on the track and in between sessions.

Glad you folks enjoyed it and i hope to see you all the next track school.Do join us at our Facebook page where we'll upload some pics from this event

At the bottom of the page is an album of all the track pics shot at Motorcycles & Bits Track School wth David McFadden (13 May.2015).If you would like to order pics please send an email to  (or make a comment at the bottom of the page) with the relevant DSC numbers (just hover over the thumbnail pic, a pop-up will appear).



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