Mike Hopkins Advanced Motorcycle Track School (27 Jun.2015)

Some surreal shots here folks,do take advantage,this'll probably be one of the three best events this year as far as the light is concerned.

Everybody is very excited for the Breakfast Run GP on the 4th of July (for full detail see the pinned post at our Facebook page).Word in the pit is we have 9 bikes entered so far but we suspect that number will rise as the date nears.Some of the breakfast runners already have their numbers fixed and we'll upload some pics of them and others to the FB album.

Facebook Album -  Mike Hopkins Advanced Track School (27 Jun.2015)


At the bottom of the page is an album of all the track pics shot at Mike Hopkins Advance Motorcycle Track School (27 Jun 2015).If you would like to order pics please send an email to  djedryan@gmail.com  (or make a comment at the bottom of the page) with the relevant DSC numbers (just hover over the thumbnail pic, a pop-up will appear).

Join us at Capefuel.co.za on Facebook or on Twitter for more pics from this event and updates on upcoming track days and other events.


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