Mike Hopkins Advanced Motorcycle Track School (29 Aug.2015)

Most (but not all) things considered,another cracker of a track school although there was quite a few…..misadventures?Breakfast GP-er,Ian Gilchrist popped his cherry at turn 4,just a pity it had to happen on his recently acquired Truimph Daytona.

Ian…how the heck do you knee down on a 50 year old Thruxton for two years running and then crash on a Daytona?Anyway,he's got a broken collar bone for his efforts but fortunately the bike is ok-ish.

Couple of MC's and riding clubs joined as well including a growing contingent of motards,one of which took a dirt sample at turn 4, aka Damp's Dip.(Tard's feel free to join the Cape Town Supermotard group on FB – Tard required for admittance.)

Special treats included class A championship rider,Brandon Haupt's father and team principle/technician,Peter Haupt who bought one of the first two Yamaha R1M's in Cape Town,the Kawasaki H2 on it's 2nd outing and instructor Peter Cromby who upgraded his Aprilia Tuono for the latest Tuono Factory.

Getting back to the thing not considered…..this is a PUBLIC WARNING – Some of you are aware of the fatal accident which happened just outside the track on the intersection of the south gate road and Koeberg rd. around 17:45 involving a fella on a what preliminary reports indicate was a blue SV1000.Please spare a thought for the family and friends of this man and please,please guys….consider the area approaching the track a MAJOR ACCIDENT BLACK SPOT.This is not the first accident of it's kind so do not take ANY green light,exit or entry for granted.

Stay safe out there and we'll see you all at the 7th regional champs on 5 Sept. and the next Mike Hopkins and W.P.M.C. advanced track school on the 3rd of October.

Below is an album of all the track pics shot at Mike Hopkins Motorcycles Advanced Track School (10 Aug.2015).If you would like to order pics please send an email to  djedryan@gmail.com  (or make a comment at the bottom of the page) with the relevant DSC numbers (just hover over the thumbnail pic, a pop-up will appear).

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