Mike Hopkins Advanced Track School (19 Dec.2015)

Ok guys & gals…as you may know we're having some website issues so we've provided a Dropbox link with split folders.Some fantastic photos taken with Nikon's latest sport lens although that nasty wind limited the creativity somewhat,but there are a couple of new angles in there….check out the T5 exit shots.) Be sure to watch your Keith Code videos and we'll see you at the next track school at the end of Jan. – Shout out to Mike Hopkins Motorcycles and the Western Province Motor Club for helping to keep the scene hot.


Below is the Dropbox link with all the track pics (split into fast,medium,slow group,and pit photo folders) shot at Mike Hopkins Advanced Track School (19 Dec.2015).If you would like to order pics please send an email to  djedryan@gmail.com with the DSC numbers. 





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