Western Province Superbike Championship Rnd.1

Link to the write-up,full results,and at the bottom of the page,an album of all the track pics shot at Western Province Superbike Championship Rnd.1 (20 February 2016).If you would like to order pics please send an email to  djedryan@gmail.com  with the relevant DSC numbers (just hover over the thumbnail pic, a pop-up will appear).

Check out Dave's write up at WPMCMotorcycles and..

…let's meet the new guys!First off,Dean Gregory,racing Powersport with full support from his father and technician Michael Gregory,on the Thorn Painting Solutions, Honda VFR400.Like most of the best main circuit riders Dean cut his teeth at the regular short circuit meetings in the CBR150 class so he's no stranger to going fast,as our latest hot-shot,Jamey Josh found out when he was forced to use his back-up CBR400 for the 2nd heat.


All the way from France!Those who've been following our Facebook page will be familiar with privateer Jean-Baptiste Lerac,firmly ensconsed in superbikes class B and teamed up with Danie Maritz Racing.He's been in Cape Town for just over a year now and he's no stranger to the scene with experience built up at various European tracks and a years worth of track schools/days at Killarney,including very favourable results at All Bike Race Day 2015.For now,his biggest problems are mechanical…good luck JB!


Welcoming clubman racer Joske Kotze, joining us from the northern regions.Somewhat of an unknown quantity although after this weekend it's pretty clear that he's more than familiar with his ZX6,and considering how few laps he's done round the big 'K',an excellent first race result.


UPDATE: -We forgot about Harry!A belated welcome to Harry Clifton,another Mike Hopkins/W.P.M.C. track school graduate who also managed to get on the podium at All Bike Race Day's Breakfast Run GP,despite some very tough competition from much lighter guys on much newer machinery.The life is also round the clock for Harry,who's day job is flogging bikes at BMW Motorad in town and this immersion certainly paid off…Harry scored a 2nd overall in the clubman class on his first official race.


Full results at ZATiming.

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