E Blower vol. 27 and Power Series Rnd.4

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        The E-Blower  Vol. 27.
If you’re surprised that this volume reaches you so soon after Vol. 26, and has so much less content, ve haff our reasons. One is that with the AGM scheduled for Tuesday June 28, we thought we should include the salient points of the general meeting held earlier this year, for those who weren’t able to attend.
We also have details about an offer to members from Wingfield Motors the sponsors of our Power Series, changes in circuit activity and our coming motor show. Then there’s also a tribute to the late Eddie Keizan, who died last month and Jeff Greeff who passed away in June,
What we learned at our recent General Meeting.
*The single biggest is non-compliance re legislation, environmental, tax etc. At its worst, this could lead to an enforced cessation of all activity at the circuit.
*Adherence to the noise management plan is vital.
*Perceptions that it is possible a new circuit could signal the end of Killarney.
*Competition from the new circuit at FMM. While there is no racing, corporate clients and other clubs have track days there.  
* The proposed new drag strip at the “Mother City Raceway” at Phesantekraal.
Tax – valuation and rates.
*Our valuation increased to R144m in 2013. Rates increased from R100k pa to 1.4m pa.
*Actions: We objected to our valuation and it was reduced to R55m in 2014. We applied for and were granted a 100% rebate (we’re a sporting facility), for 2014, 2015 & 2016.
Key items targeted in 2015:
*Drifting as a section of WPMC Rallycross circuit.
*Drag timing system particularly for Street-2-Strip (in progress).
*Investigate circuit timing system – My Laps & Mobil (in progress).
*Construct additional garages.
*Resurface infield area for short circuit racing.
*Complete Armco and wall on back straight.
*New documentation office for S2S events.
*Roll down blinds on clubhouse balcony.
*Covering at Members Boma and Tuckshop seating area.
*Improve Killarney Experience for corporate clients, car clubs and other circuit users:  – Create an entertainment area/restaurant above the new pits and the use of pits underneath (previously used by Fantastic Racing).   
* Reverse direction Power Series meeting.
*Repairs to pit surface at short circuit.
Improve the show with:
*Combined races. Improved side-shows including car shows (FMM and other’s assistance, carnival, parades, demo’s, model planes, etc.
Clubhouse activities.
Various additional items are being offered, including:
-Braai Fridays with live music. – “Sounds of Sunday.” -Music through the Millenium Show. -Trivia evenings. -Daily food and drink specials. –Heritage Day event (car show and entertainment).
Although there has been limited support from club members, there is an increased usage by other car and bike clubs.
In addition to the clubhouse, we now also operate the alfresco Tuckshop, the lounge area above the new pits, the karting clubhouse and the members boma.All of which has improved the offering and experience at Killarney.
Feet through the gates:
Generally, the 2015 attendance figures exceeded those of 2014. Profit however dropped from R467,000 to R401,000. This was due to the additional security arrangements at a cost of R400K and necessary circuit repairs.
 Our cash position for 2015 was R4,174m as opposed to 2014’s R5,862m.
Strategy re. members:
Is to ensure membership offers savings and benefits. These include discounts on entry fees and the hiring of facilities e.g. a boma.
Has shown an increase since 2013. . It reached 1303 in 2015 and the figure to April 2016 was 1136.
Staff changes (updated to the time of going to print):     
We have been joined by Marizca Radyn, Elisma Schutte and Estelle Hall, but Paul Lehmann, Adrian Spies, and Wesley Hamman have left us.
2016 Key Items:
Drought and high cost of water usage.
Circuit repairs.
Additional covered pits.
Safety catch fences in KFM Corner.
A wall in Turn 5.
Changes to and increased use on new pits.
To continue with added value experience for all at Killarney events.
The revitalisation of the New Pits:   
That have been under-utilised for too long. However, the need for change has been identified previously. The lounge area is popular. A scale has been installed and a parc ferme area has been created. Garages in the area will all have access onto the pit lane. Increased usage e.g. Motorcycle track days. Power Series scrutineering to take place there.
Lease Renewal:
We need to raise the club profile and the support to retain KIR will grow.                                   
CCT cannot ignore thousands of vocal voters.
We need the support of all the varied users of our facility.                                      
Municipal elections take place in August and there may be changes.             
We must continue to raise the Killarney profile and here our contribution to road safety is most important.
Raising the profile (2016 motorsport events).
International Passion for Speed.
National events: Karting, Extreme Festival (x2), SuperGP, SupaDrift, African Endurance Series 3-Hour.                                                      Regional:10 x Power Series, Robot Racing, the Cape Auto Festival, Streetfest, MX, Short Circuit, Drags, Drifting, Track Days, ATR.
2016 Extreme Festivals:
After winning a hard fought battle to retain two national Festival dates, the April meeting proved disappointing, with only the VW Cup and Formula 1600’s arriving.However, we have the promise of Global Touring Cars, Extreme Supercars, Formula 1600’s, VW Cup, VW Challenge, Thunderbikes and ZX10 Masters, for our second bite of the cherry in September.
Raising the Profile:
It was mentioned (and duly noted), at a well attended Motorsport SA meeting in Johannesburg recently, that when it comes to promoting, there are only two event makers in SA – and they are Killarney and Zwartkops. The other venues are all event takers.
Note: That remark was not made by our representative.
So what have we done? Well we’ve entered into a partnership with Radio KFM. Our benefits from this include extremely generous prerace coverage of our events, together with live coverage from time to time. In return they have a KFM hospitality boma and the renamed KFM Straight and KFM Corner (that was / is, Turn 1).   
A round of the Rallycross world champ, may be held at Killarney in 2017. However, the Africa Burns Decompression event has been confirmed for July 2. The Cape Auto Festival in November is also definitely on and already in the planning stage. It is a joint venture with the Multi Car Club.                       
Spinning events at the track are being combined with drag meetings.
The Safe at Killarney campaign will receive emphasis.
KFM’s Ian Bredenkamp is being encouraged to compete (and relate his experiences), in Clubman events.And we’re improving our offering to clients.We’re looking at increased usage of the facility by other users and will work with international and local motor manufacturers, film production companies, motorcycle and car clubs and others.We’re also improving our branding of items like T-shirts, caps and our vehicles.
We are now able to offer corporate and other users, an Improved Experience.
We have to contend with the new FMM circuit in the Western Cape.  Killarney has to be the preferred venue.We have a lounge as well as conference and training facilities.Lock-up pits for storage are available below the pits.This facility is proving very popular with compliments even from the Zwartkops management team.
Safety campaign at Killarney (“Safe at Killarney”).
Our new safety campaign covers activity that is potentially dangerous on the streets and includes:                                                   Streetcar and motorcycle track days. ROBOT Racing every Wednesday. Cycling on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Street-2-Strip, Cycling, road running and walking on Sundays. Also other events like moonlight runs.
Safe cycling at Killarney.
We have an agreement with the Pedal Power Association (PPA). It includes extending the cycling season to the winter months and promoting a wider participation in cycling. We will encourage social cycling to include mothers with their children, for instance. Also the development of cycling at schools (transportation to the venue may be a problem here). Our first open event at the track on Sunday, June 5 was followed by a morning for the ladies on Tuesday, June 7.
The benefits of using Killarney for this purpose include:
Safety and dedicated track use. It’s enclosed, with security. It has a good surface quality. Public transport is available, with a MyCiti stop at our entrance gate. Facilities inside include catering.
A PPA meeting on 11 April approved staffing and logistics. The PPA will bring marshals and cones and will sponsor the ambulance. The objective is to cover costs with any shortfall being met by a tiered admission charge.                
There is no charge for the circuit hire as such, with all the admission fees coming to KIR.
We are also in discussion with the organiser of biathlon events.
ROBOT Racing.
Every Wed from 6.30pm to 10pm.Funding from the City Councils will be used mainly for noise abatement structures. Runs are not timed, but a robot is used to start the race.                             
While general admission is R50, there is no charge to compete. RR is a form of competition that offers all the thrills of illegal street racing, but in a controlled and safe environment.The average attendance after seven events is 163 competitors and 900 bodies through the gates.And thanks to the team running these events.
Sunflower Fund
Helen Zille is the patron of this annual charity event that is held at Killarney, and which affords us valuable exposure. It’s a fundraiser that includes a mass ride and fun day, with bikers-4-bandanas & miles-4-marrows.
Father’s Day, Power Series Meeting.
OK, so it’s on June 18 and actually a day before the real one. But no matter, it’s going to be ideal for a celebration with Dad and the family. And there’ll be a lot happening.
That’s in addition to the full round of anti-clockwise racing sponsored by Wingfield Motors, with full media support from Radio KFM. Yes, it’s an (almost), all new circuit with a tricky zig-zag chicane that’s only been used once before. However, it enjoys the undeniable advantage of having all the spectator and organisational facilities in their well known, original positions.
The lucky winners of the Cape Times Father’s Day competition are going to get laps around the track with Cyril Ginsberg, at racing speed in the recently launched McLaren 650S V8 turbo. If that’s not enough for any father and son combo, the new pit complex will be crowded with powered model aeroplanes, a couple of which are not all that much smaller than a microlite. And of course, they’ll be staging a spectacular flying demo as well, during the lunch break.
Fathers will be entitled to a free coffee or hot chocolate from the clubhouse, in the morning, while their sons and daughters (or maybe even wives), are racing around on the lawn in the pedal go-karts.
A special offer from Wingfield Motors
Any member who concludes a deal with our Power Series sponsors, Wingfield Motors, is going to be entitled to a full                              
tank of fuel as well as R500 (yea, that’s five x one hundred rand vouchers). These can be redeemed for sustenance of any kind, at the clubhouse.Sounds like a good one.
Reach for a Dream.
Reach for a Dream is organised and controlled by a dedicated team of people whose objective is to grant magical dreams to children and young adults fighting life threatening diseases.
One of these volunteers is Sandra Stammova, a club member who was astride  a Kawa ZX 10R during the recent national SuperGP meeting at Killarney.  Now Imtyiaaz Mohamed (pictured here), is the little boy currently receiving most of her attention.  He’s mad about motor racing and while Sandra and her friends are doing a great job with him, we’re also helping them as much as we can. 
No, it’s not the Barnum and Bailey Show.
Theirs was a great success, but it was pure hokum. Our original Argus Motor Show at the Goodwood Showgrounds in 1964 was the real thing and it saved the club.
Now we’re going to do it again, but at Killarney this time. And once again, unlike conventional motor shows that house magnificent but motionless exhibits, we intend to combine the dynamic with the static.
In’64 we introduced American NASCAR style stock car racing to South Africa and set up the first kart track open to the public. 
Killarney is a superb facility for this purpose. Sections of the asphalt circuits are going to be ideal for manufacturers or dealers to offer test drives or rides to prospective clients.
The new enclosed pit block is almost the size of a rugby field from post to post and will probably be the main exhibition hall. Of course we also have a large number of open pits under roof in the old pit area. Then there are many hectares under grass in the open that will also be used.
And there’ll be plenty of other entertainment for the whole family. A V8 tractor tug-of-war, model airplanes in the air, karts for hire on the ground, stunts that Evel Knievel never dreamed of.                                                               
We promise, you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet! 
Flop Gear! 
Sorry, but we thought the launch of the all-new Top Gear show, now anchored by Chris Evans — was dreadful. Our opinion was empathized when we saw Clarkson racing his buddies across Europe, in an earlier episode that was rescreened the following evening. Jeremy was in a Mustang while they travelled by train.
Although it was obviously staged and based on the dramatic real life race between a Bentley Speed 6 driven by Woolf Barnato (son of the even more famous Barney), who challenged the famed Blue Train in a chase through France, from the Cote d’Azur to Calais in 1930, it was well done.  Woolf won that one and the original Top Gear crew certainly came out on top this time.  
Exciting New Global Touring Car Series.
South Africa’s exciting new Global Touring Car (GTC), Series is finally emerging from the planning stages and was officially launched last Thursday. We’ll see them for the first time when they face the starter at Killarney during our Extreme Festival meeting here in September. Sponsored by Sasol and with entries from several of the major manufacturers, we see it as even becoming the equivalent of the hugely popular Australian V8 Supercar Series.
                            ————————————————————— –                                
Robot Racing Record
Robot Racing at Killarney continues to grow in popularity, with the most recent Wednesday round setting a new record for the number of competitors, as well as the crowd attendance.
Reasons for this appear to be the growing public awareness of the meetings as regular Wednesday fixtures. Also that while the safety measures are enforced, there is more of a free and easy atmosphere, with a general lack of strict officialdom.
We’re celebrating a 60th anniversary.
Browsing through some old Blowers recently, we discovered an item about a race meeting in June 1956 – 60 years ago — that was run in the reverse direction for the first time (they mistakenly referred to it as the “wrong way round).” Anyway it was apparently a great success.   
The South African motoring fraternity has been saddened by the death of Eddie Keizan (72), on Saturday May 21, after a long illness.
A former F1 driver, winner of four SA Production Car Championships and two arduous Roof of Africa rallies in Lesotho, he was the founder of the multi-national Tiger Wheel and Tyre group and had remained prominent in the business world.
 Despite his age, Eddie was a regular competitor in the big V8 Masters events here until he became too ill to continue.  He will be missed by all who knew him at Killarney
 Jeff Greeff (68), a genuine enthusiast and long serving member of the club, he passed away on June 4. A polio sufferer from his youth, Jeff had a permanent limp and was never able to compete. However, he was an enthusiastic amateur photographer and a familiar figure in the pits on race days. Our commiserations are extended to his devoted wife Lorraine. 
Jacques Botha: a dedicated and long serving club marshal, died tragically on Monday June 13 when he was stabbed while trying to help a lady who was being assaulted outside his home. The club’s sympathy goes out to Denise, his wife of just four months.

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