WPMC Motorcycle Track Day

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Well that certainly went down well! Perfect weather, if a little scorchy, not a single… missadventure and a full covered pit! Terribly nice to be calling in sick, i do hope you guys have those doctor’s notes ready and remember to talk up the event on your social media, as mentioned at the briefing we could see more of the midweek track days added to the calendar but they’ll need to see at least as many riders next time to make it financially viable.

Keep safe on the road and remember your next civilian event is on the morning of the 17th of March which will be a track SCHOOL as opposed to today’s track DAY.

Proofs - WPMC Motorcycle Track School

Proof album of all photography from WPMC Motorcycle Track School (7 Feb.2018). If you would like to make a purchase please email djedryan@gmail.com with the relevant DSC prefix and number.

Please note: All photography is automatically archived after 60 days.



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