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Ferrari 458 Italia

Ferrari 458 under the table.

Ferrari 458 Italia exiting turn two under Table Mountain during SEFAC's annual shindig.To date,it's one of the best cars produced by Ferrari …

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Mazda 767 at Killarney.

Mazda 767 down the front straight at Killarney.

It appeared during the break at the 4th regional competition for a demo run….4 laps of the most astounding sound i've ever …

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Ferrari F360 – Pro Tour

DSC_8252 copy

Two shots for the Tifosi.Willem van der Westhuizen making the F360 sing at the Pro Tour.

(click for enlargement)

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Supersport Drifters – Super Series

Brent Harran,Cam Petersen and Lance Isaacs at T4.

Super Series,Killarney.This is a merge of two photos taken from turn 4 during the first Supersport race.This perspective gives you a good …

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BMW R1200S-Castrol Livery

BMW R1200S Castrol Livery

Found this Castrol livery BMW R1200S in the window at Atlantic Motorrad's new premises down on the foreshore.She's a relic from the …

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