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Stifler rides again.

Yup…he's done it again.After last time I remember thinking to myself that it wouldn't be the last we heard from mr. Fowkes but i didn't think it would be like this.If you've no idea what i'm on about you might want to read this post from a few months back but i wouldn't go passing any judgements (out loud at least;), 'cos if you ever found yourself going head to head with mr. Fowkes, the time sheet says you'd receive a pretty embarrassing beating.Stifler clocked the 4th fastest reaction time of the day at about 0.57 seconds putting him firmly in position to challenge the top gunslingers in Cape Town…peeps like Garion Slammet and Yusuf Patel.Fact is flips happen all day in drag racing…it's all 'blink of an eye' stuff.

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