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Different Bike Yamaha TW200 Custom

We've taken a cursory look at the work coming out of Different Bike Customs in the northern suburbs of Cape Town but this nearly complete commission is definitely worth some closer inspection.The Yamaha Trailway 200 has always been a good seller in South Africa  where just about everyone can remember riding a 'farm bike' at some point which is exactly what the Trailway was designed for and excels at.A further claim to fame for the TW200 is that it's the first motorcycle to reach the North Pole with Shinji Kazama's expedition in 1987.

After being supplied with a donor bike,Edwin Brown set about the brief with a practiced eye for proportion.The tank is from a 400cc Suzuki GSX 'Impulse' with custom billet triple clamps keeping the forks wide set over the new 180 section front tyre.A custom rear sub-frame and numberplate holder was manufactured in-house (Edwin does much of his own manufacturing).The wheels are to be left fender-less so the lights and numberplate holder were moved to the right side of the bike,mounted to the swing-arm and sub-frame.A piece of wood wrapped in a tie-down strap serves as a temporary seat arrangement.Instrumentation is at a bare minimum with the key/ignition moved under the tank leaving only the simple speedometer on duty at the yolk with clip on bars terminating in bar end mirrors…a nice touch.

The look is chunky and minimal… and judging by some of the concepts at the EICMA show,it's also cutting edge styling.Stay tuned for more photos of Different Bikes Yamaha TW200 Custom on completion.

2 thoughts on “Different Bike Yamaha TW200 Custom

    1. Still rolling around town,this one.The tank is off a ’94 GK76 Suzuki Impulse 400.Coincidentally….my Impulse, which i sold about 2 years before this bike was built.

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