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BMW R80 by BlackSilver Customs

Many will remember the Yamaha XS Eleven by BlackSilver Customs from our post in September.Well Ian Ketterer's not been gathering any moss and in between front-end mods,filler caps and other slightly less exciting jobs on his new lathe (gotta pay those bills) he's turned out two bikes since the big bruiser,although they have been in progress for some time.

'Number 3',finished around January was promptly spirited away by her new,out-of-town owner but fortunately not before our photographer got a shot at her.I'm going to leave off the flowery techsplination this time and let the builder take you through it.He'll show you the time,effort and expertise involved in turning this…

…into this.

Now grab yourself a mug,and watch an artisan at work over at the Wild Dog forum…

It had to happen….My current project..BMW R80 Cafe.

Photo Credit:Djed Ryan

With thanks to Retro Prestige Motorcycles.

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