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Ride with the Two-Stroke Smokers!

No doubt about it, there’s something about the smell of a two-stroke and when you pair that up with a beautiful view and enamel ripping coffee you have a recipe for a fantastic Sunday morning.

I answered an invitation to ride with the Two-stroke Smokers,  one of Cape Town’s most active motorcycle groups and i was not disappointed. The Smokers started as a Facebook group a couple of years back and they’ve been staging the occasional burn around the mountain ever since. A diverse group of enthusiasts with no small amount of expertise and even a few well known racers, past and present to boot. Enjoy the pics and feel free to join the group on FB, although if you’re not on a stroker be sure to make a formal request if you’d like to join on a ride, they’re a nice bunch of fellows but generally they like to keep it 2T. Enjoy the photos and check out the link for a short clip of their departure from Casareccio in Houtbay, and heading towards Chapmans Peak.


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