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Passion for Speed and the S.A. Tourist Trophy 2018

Well certainly it wasn’t the Passion for Speed from 5 years ago but let’s not take it away from the boys and girls who did make it all the way down to the southern tip to show us their craft and their toys. Highlights from the day included a ridiculously stunning Ferrari (what?… no classic or vintage Porsches?), Alan Duffus’ TZ750,¬† Casey’s Kawasaki H1 racer (finally running the way it should, check our FB page for a short clip), Dave’s long awaited¬† series 2 Laverda Jota, some very cool CBX’s, both original and race trim, a couple of the boys (ok they’re actually men… real men) from the Dakar, replete with medals, and of course those divine Scottish Suzuki XR69’s.

On the race side of things it was a perfect day for the South African Tourist Trophy hard men to continue the battle left off at Zwartkops Raceway with Noel Haarhoff especially keen to show the visitors that he was the king of the classic supers. It was all going his way too till the start of race 2 when he followed main dice Ian Simpson into turn 1 but a little too hot, causing a little rub (no, rubbing is not racing, Days of Thunder is just a movie) which sent Haarhoff into the sand while Simpson narrowly avoided the same detour (see album below for the sequence). Haarhoff made a brave comeback after that but only for a few laps till the damage to his bike became evident, leaving Simpson to tare up the tarmac and the chequered flag. And that was basically the end of the day for the 2 wheel fans and racers ‘cept for one crucial observance. – One year since the death of Gavin Ramsey and the lining up of his friends and acquaintances on the very spot where the tragic accident occurred. I’m sure not many of the fans knew what was going on (or mayby they did, see the photo album) but no matter, that’s what friends are for..

Click for the album!

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