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DKW Hummel

Found this little gem hidden under a friends car port, in fact Dave has quite a few interesting rides, some his, some in transit, some just in for maintenance.

It’s a 1959 DKW Hummel 50cc two stroke moped with a fairly thick 17000 miles on the art deco clock, which brings me to why I took a few phone shot’s of it on my off day, all that scalloped loveliness from an era gone by.

Some interesting features on this little German too, after all DKW was at one point the world’s no.1 motorcycle producer with some important race wins. The first 3 speed box on a moped and a ‘through crank’ pedal arrangement (with back-pedal rear brake) which did away with the 2nd chain.

  1. Bold, striking lines and colours and ever so slightly reminiscent of a snail. Also one of the first to offer rear suspension.
  2. The much copied DKW 50cc 2t mill.
  3. Streamlined faux ivory switch and beautifully detailed speedo.
  4. The scalloped tail light and the Auto Union badge following the company’s acquisition of DKW… yup, it’s an Audi.


  5. Purchased from Club Motors in Durban, an ongoing concern.




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