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Road Pics Launch!

Not bad for a first outing even though the wind was fairly diabolical. Even caught a couple if the Houtbay Ducati Originale’s.  Here’s a few shots from the ride and location.

What is Roadpics? A logical evolution of this website’s staple and our photographers well known skill with a lense… plus he needs something to do while mooching around on his bike this summer.  Expect touristy vignettes, irreverent humour and stunning motorcycle photography but with an all new location, Cape Town’s amazing roads.

Our shooter will be on the road this season at considered locations and at little notice so leave a comment if you’d like to be added to the Road Pics Whatsapp group!

Below is an album with all proofs (17 Nov.2018). If you would like to place an order please email with the relevant DSC prefix numbers or, if your device does not support FLASH, simply email screenshot of your photos.

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