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Road Pics (2 Dec.2018)

Nice ride out today although it’s fair to say that tourist season is in full swing and the coastal road between Hout- and Campsbay was ruined by 10am.  Still.. good air, spirited riding and a surprise visit (after pinning the location on the Road Pics Whatsapp group) from Breakfast Run GP racer, Fadil Kadir.

Amateur racer Fadil Kadir stopped in for a chat and a shot… looking forward to Suzuki South’s track school on the 8th of December.

Our shooter will be on the road this season at considered locations and at little notice so leave a comment if you’d like to be added to the Road Pics Whatsapp group!

Below is an album with all proofs (2 Dec.2018). If you would like to place an order please email with the relevant DSC prefix numbers or, if your device does not support FLASH, simply email screenshot of your photos.

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