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WPMC Advanced Riding School (9 Mar.2019)

Congratulations are in order. The ambulance was wasted. Another gorgeous track school this time sponsored by the Western Province Motor Club MC Section. 

Check out the FB page for the album (to follow) from this event..

Next Event – Afternoon of Sat 4 May, details and sponsor to be confirmed.

Below is a Dropbox link with all photos shot at WPMC Advanced Track School (9 Mar.2019). If you would like to place an order please email with the relevant DSC prefix numbers or, if your device does not support FLASH simply email screenshots of your photos.

Photo Examples

Payment is for the hi resolution digital jpeg, printable at A4 size. R150 for a single jpeg and R100 per jpeg for 2 or more jpegs.

Large format prints (price includes digital file) :

A2 (594x420mm) – R450

A3 (420x297mm) – R300

Payment is via EFT. Digital jpeg(s) will be delivered by email or Dropbox folder. Prints for collection in Woodstock. Delivery can be arranged.


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